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Our PVC Shutters are engineered with aluminum inserts for additional strength and reinforcement. The material is moisture resistant, making the shutters ideal for wet areas. Non-toxic materials are used to construct the Perth PVC Shutters to keep pets, children and the entire family safe.

PVC shutters Perth are the perfect alternative to blinds and window coverings. These shutters are durable and affordable as compared to aluminum and timber shutters. The modern aesthetics and beauty of these shutters add a unique curb appeal to your home and add value at the same time. With their fine finish, the PVC shutters Perth compliment any type of home. They may look similar to timber shutters but they are better and heavier. That means they can withstand the test of time and last for a long time.

Perth Plantation Shutters


Most frequent questions and answers about Perth PVC Shutters

Both Timber Shuttres Perth and Plantation Shutters are equal when it comes to pricing, quality, operation, insulation properties and how they look. It comes down to a question of personal preference, use & specifications. 

Whilst Perth Plantation Shutters block the majority of light entering a room, it’s best to think of them as “room darkening” rather than full blockout. You will need to accept some light filtering through between the blades, even when they are closed. 

PVC shutters Perth are the perfect solution for the ‘wet’ areas in your house such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens due to their moisture resistant properties.  They are also great for use in warmer climates with higher humidity. 

Perth Plantation Shutters

Custom Made PVC Shutters Perth

With our Perth PVC shutters, get ready to save your energy bills. We have made our shutters 2 times more insulated than other manufacturers. This ensures heat during the summer and cold during winter stays outside the house. This quality makes them perfect for windows that get direct sunlight. Not to forget the shutters are 100% environmentally friendly. To enjoy the weather outside, you can always adjust them.

Our shutters are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your home décor. Choose from fixed, sliding, or multi-fold operation options. They will blind with the décor of your home or office conveniently. The materials used to manufacture and design the shutters make them UV protected. They can withstand any type of weather in Perth.

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