Benefits of Plantation Shutters

7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Here at Hamptons Shutters, we understand that choosing the right window coverings for your home can be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits that installing Perth plantation shutters has to offer.

1. Shutters give better light control than curtains

shutters for better light

When choosing how to dress your windows, light is a crucial consideration. Would you like to be brighter or darker? Shutters offer you full control of the light levels in your room. Shutters allow you to control the amount of light going into your rooms better than curtains, so you’ll need less artificial lighting.

If you prefer to keep the cold at bay with less natural light, then it is a good idea to install shutters and coverings that will reflect heat. Shutters’ high heat retention quality helps to better regulate temperatures inside the home, reducing energy bills.

2. They have a classic and timeless design

classic design

Classic plantation shutters in a bold color can be the perfect addition to your home. Shutters can be used to achieve a modern or traditional design and complement any type of interior. Shutters serve the dual purpose of transforming both the interior and exterior look of your home.

3. Shutters are easy to clean and keep clean

clean shutters

It’s inconvenient to have to remove curtains to wash them or try and dust Venetian blinds. Another advantage of having plantation shutters is that they are so easy to clean. To maintain the cleanliness of your slats, we recommend wiping them down with a damp cloth once per week. Since you may not be able to have a vacation as often as you like, they provide a way for you to come home and relax.

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4. They complement your color scheme

colour of shutters

Whether you’re drawn to dark, smoldering colors or crisp white schemes, Hamptons Shutters can complement your aesthetic. We can make your home’s colors match by matching a Farrow and Ball or Dulux trade color. Allow your shutters to stand out by staining them in bold, contrasting colors.

5. Shutters add value to your home 

Plantation shutters Perth offers a great way to add value to your property by improving curb appeal and enhancing the interior of your home. When you feel it’s time to sell, these classic window coverings will prove themselves to be valuable assets.

6. They help provide peace

Can you hear that? A good night’s sleep is quite invigorating. Unlike blinds, plantation shutters are proven to be a natural sound barrier. Our wood designs are effective noise shields. Once you have your window shutters installed, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful space and better sleep.

7. Solid hardwood that lasts

All of our shutters are made from sturdy, durable hardwood so they’re sure to last. You can be confident that the product you’ve chosen is of high quality and will last for a long time.