8 Reasons Why You Need Plantation Shutters

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8 Reasons Why You Need Plantation Shutters


Plantation Shutters are now the latest innovations in window decoration. While there are other options that a homeowner can choose, such as window blinds, window shutters and custom shutters have started to gain popularity over the years. They have become the must-have accessories for balconies, patios and porches. These plantation shutters come in a variety of styles and colors that give your space and eye-appealing sophistication. If you have any doubts about installing window Plantation shutters and custom Plantation shutters, here are some advantages you could get by choosing Perth Plantation shutters rather than blinds.

1.   More protection


Your home will be more energy efficient once you have installed Plantation shutters inside your windows. The Plantation shutters of your windows will act as another layer of wood in your windows, which is also equivalent to insulation. For the plantation shutters, the wide strips allow to maintain the appropriate ambient conditions. Plantation shutters are great for any type of window, but they are more beneficial when used on certain types of windows, such as large panoramic windows or single glazed windows. These types are the ones that give off a lot of heat on cold days and that also give off a lot of fresh air when summer arrives. Without the shutter, this cannot be controlled. 


2.   Add Value to Your Property

The value of your property will increase when the Plantation shutters are installed.

Whatever the decor of the house, the shutters installed inside the windows are always beautiful due to their clean lines and their sleek style. This will add aesthetics and beauty to a home. It is the only window installation that is considered to have the capacity to increase the capital value of the home. One of the main reasons for this increase can be attributed to the insulating properties of the shutters.

The Plantation wooden shutters do not create unwanted noise even when the breeze enters the window. With vinyl blinds, they tend to move and make a hissing sound when it is windy while the curtains fly easily inside the room and can sometimes be annoying. This is not the case with silent roller shutters.

3.   Easy to Maintain:

The shutters are solid and easy to maintain. Dust easily sticks to curtains or blinds, while the shutters can be easily wiped off with a clean cloth. They only require quick cleaning with a rag to restore them to a flawless shine.

The Plantation wooden shutters are also resistant to humidity, do not rot or crack easily and do not deform over time. Many components are now backed by a lifetime warranty to get the most out of their value.

4.   Added Security:

The shutters control the light and incoming air and protect the privacy of the owners.

The angles of the slats are determinants of the amount of light and air that flows. If you want to allow natural light inside, just adjust the slats slightly upwards. If you want more air to cool the room, the slats should be tilted down.

There are many options when it comes to plantation shutters, just like curtains or blinds. Another point in favor of Plantation shutters is that you can find them in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors suitable for you to place in any room in your home.

5.   Comfort

They have the advantage of allowing the shutters to be opened and closed without having to open the windows. It is therefore a real everyday comfort, especially when it is cold, too hot, when it rains, etc. Obviously, the mechanical opening and closing requires your intervention, but the electric models can be actuated without effort, which is really practical! In addition, opting for centralization saves precious time by opening and closing all the plant shutters in a single gesture.

6.   Good insulation

Plantation shutters are an excellent means of sound and thermal insulation of your exterior openings. The wooden models are very efficient; they are particularly recommended to preserve the freshness of your interior in summer and are appreciated as a louvered version in hot regions. Perth plantation shutters provide good insulation at a lower cost. Finally, aluminum will allow you to fight against noise and cold, by preferring if possible, the models equipped with a thermal break system to keep the heat well.

7.   Noise reduction and light control

Plantation shutters easily control your home’s exposure to light and noise in seconds. People can reduce severe glare and preventing home furniture and rugs from fading.

8.   Timeless aesthetics

Plantation shutters give a touch of elegance to your indoor and outdoor space. It offers timeless aesthetics that blend seamlessly with your existing home décor- means no need to redecorate your rooms when adding the Plantation shutters.  When you add bi-fold shutters to your bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms doorways, they take up the most of the visual effect of your rooms. On the other hand, wood stained dressings give a retro and simplistic elegance touch while fitting into your interior décor.


If you are looking for the plantation shutters, always consider to use the services of the local company. The local company offers the personalized services to its buyers. You can get all the services at your door steps such as measuring and installation of your shutters. They create the plantation shutters locally and conveniently fix any issue. Moreover, they also guarantee their work and customer’s satisfaction is their utmost priority.

Here at Timber Shutters Perth, we take great pride in supplying high quality custom made Perth PVC Shutters. We offer outstanding products at very affordable price than any competitor in the market today. We at Hampton shutters are committed to ensure that with high-quality workmanship by performing our job with integrity and professionalism. We specialize in residential and commercial shutters, blinds and shades services. At Hampton shutters, we are here to supply you best plantation shutters and assisting you in making great choices. What are you waiting for? Call us now to get a free design consultation. We never suggest repairs or installation that is not necessary.

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8 Reasons Why You Need Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are now the latest innovations in window decoration. While there are other options that a homeowner can choose, such as window blinds, window shutters and custom shutters have started to gain popularity over the years.

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