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The Benefits of Timber Shutters

If you shop around enough, you’ll find shutters of different materials and compounds, but why not start with the best?

Our timber shutters Perth are perfect for any home, from living rooms to bedrooms. They’re much sturdier than their MDF counterparts, and they’re custom-made to your exact specifications. More importantly, they’re built to last.

Benefits of Installing Timber Shutters in Your Home


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By only purchasing premium-quality timber shutters, you are ensuring that once they have been installed, they will continue to be of the highest quality throughout the years. With MDF and other materials, you’ll eventually have to worry about things like warping, discoloration, cracking, or having them simply break on you. If you’ve ever seen an old wooden building, you know how long it can last when it’s constructed well. We want you to buy a product that will last for years, so we designed our shutters so they’ll provide your window with protection for many years.

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Another great thing about wooden shutters is the ability to customize them to match your needs. Many people believe that windows with unusual shapes are difficult to clean effectively and so deserve a reduced level of care. From small window panes to expansive bays, we can create the perfect design for your home.



Our wooden shutters are available in a range of authentic finishes. Beautiful natural wood can be made even more appealing through warm stains and limewashes.


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Not only do timber shutters fit windows perfectly, but they can be custom-made to fit your French and patio doors. The versatility of these curtains means you can change the light levels throughout the day as your needs change. A shutter can’t just be placed in one spot. There are many options to how it may be positioned, depending on the specific needs. Our business sells customized vertical timber shutters that work for all sizes of windows and our style selections include many different varieties.

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What Are Our Vertical Timber Shutters Made From?

Our shutters are made from hardwoods that have been sustainably sourced. Our frames are made from durable Paulownia wood, which means our designs will be able to withstand years of use without deterioration.

Can You Have Timber Shutters in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Our high-quality shutters have been treated with multiple layers of specialized paint, making water the only thing capable of harming them and it will take a lot of time for water to do any damage. If you have these types of shutters that are exposed to water often, we recommend our Waterproof shutters so they stay in great condition.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Timber Shutters

The best option for window shutters are those made of high-quality hardwood, and they are either available to purchase or can be installed by the owner.

At Hampton Shutters, we offer Perth plantation shutters with fixed or adjustable slats that are made to order. We provide top-notch aluminum Plantation shutters for your home with guaranteed security and thermal efficiency.