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Why Different Materials Used For Making Quality Shutters

Over the past decade, shutters have seen a resurgence in popularity as stylish window coverings. The reason why people have embraced this product is not just because of its minimalist design, but also because it’s highly functional. Installing a shutter is listed as long-term, and it’s worth spending your money on something so beneficial.

At first, the Perth plantation shutters were made of high-quality timber. In the present market, most of them are available in:

  • Premium solid timber
  • The fast-grown woods like Palawnia, Basswood, as well as Phoenix Wood.
  • Wood Composites
  • Jointed and laminated wood cut-offs.
  • Plastics including polymers, PVC
  • Aluminum

Knowing only the name of materials will not bring success. You should know what is the best among the many choices available.


aluminum shutters

If you want to block the light and provide insulation to the outside of your windows, aluminum shutters are a good option. These products with powder coat finish can last up to a decade. These products with a powder coat finish can last up to 10 years. However, to maintain its functionality and appearance, frequent maintenance is necessary.

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plastic shutters

The cost-effective and flexible plastic shutters are best suited for small openings. The materials used to make these products are thermoplastics and they will deform or disintegrate when exposed to extreme heat. Without dismissing any of its benefits, this product has the downside that it will not last for more than 25 years.

Jointed and Laminated Wood Off Cuts

laminated wood off cuts

Wood shutters are more attractive and economical than shutters made of other materials. In addition, timbers used for these products tend to be thicker to make up for the flaws and splits that might not be visible to those on the outside. Thick undercoats are primarily used to cover numerous variations in wood, fill gaps/cracks, joints, corners, and knots.

Wood Composite

wood shutters

Wood composite offers many benefits when used for designing cabinet doors, including its strength and lightweight. It is less susceptible to moisture as well. Steel shutters are available at affordable prices, and they often need to be replaced sooner than wooden or plastic shutters.

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Many providers offer Plantation Shutters Perth and although it may seem wise to choose the cheapest, this could lead to poor quality. Conduct proper research before choosing a provider. Make sure that the shop you choose is well-known for providing good, affordable custom shutters.