Perth Plantation Shutters

Why Perth Plantation Shutters are a Solid Investment

When you call a professional Hampton Shutters company at Perth Plantation Shutters, you are going to be recommended Perth plantation shutters for your home or business. Ordinarily, we start by asking some questions about what the situation is like and how much natural light comes in during the day.  This is why we always ask for the best and worst times of day to call you. The reason we do this is that it helps us determine what type of windows you have as well as how much exposure to the sun they get during the day.

More Out than In

A Plantation Shutter

Hampton shutters tended to be sturdy and full length. They were just as likely to be found on the outside of a house as they were on the inside. This is due to the fact that windows in the Australian era were less recessed and hence easier to reach. Most Australian residences were required by planning rules to have windows flush with the property’s exterior (thus there weren’t many large bay windows). It wasn’t until 1894 that this changed. When the owner was gone, outside shutters were also an effective security technique since they prevented burglars from noticing that the house was empty.

Furthermore, throughout the Australian era, walls were thinner. As a result, strong shutters were required for both insulation and noise reduction, particularly in busy metropolitan areas.

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Why Have They Moved Inside?

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Due to extended exposure to the weather, several of the original exterior shutters have deteriorated. For similar reasons, many original Hampton shutters have been painted over or cemented in place.

Placing the same kind of shutter on the inside provides the same benefits (such as seclusion and blocking off light) without the risk of wood-decaying due to weathering.

Because of the regulation change in 1894, many bay windows were erected in the late Australian era, as well as in the decades afterward, and even today. Internal shutters are one of the finest options for covering these huge areas.

Other Uses of Solid Shutters

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Solid shutters aren’t only for Australian homes; they’re also great for modern homes where you need to fully block out the light. Children’s bedrooms, for example, are good locations for light sleepers; similarly, adults’ bedrooms are ideal locations for those who work irregular hours and welcome the reduction in noise and light.

These shutters are particularly handy in some downstairs areas, such as home theaters and gyms, where you don’t want any outside distractions or people peeking in.

Solid Plantation Shutters Perth from The Hampton Shutters Company

Perth Plantation Shutters are a great investment for several reasons. First of all, they come in various styles and designs and can be used to customize the look of your home. You can choose from many different types such as aluminum, wooden, or glass shutters. The latter of which is an especially good option as it will let light through and offer plenty of natural sunlight while also offering privacy.