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Key Reasons to Choose Colourful Shutters for Your Home

There are several factors to consider when buying blinds and shutters for your home. By far the best material, though, with which to do this is timber. This is because it can be stained or varnished in a variety of colors, unlike other materials such as plastic and metal that only come in one color. Many people paint their windowsills before installing curtains or blinds but doing so can often leave unsightly marks behind that are difficult if not impossible to remove.

To Match the Furniture

match the furniture

Even if you already have a particular shutter in mind, there is no harm in considering them as an option with different colors. Not only will this help to match the furniture in your home more closely, but it may also help to bring out certain features like a staircase or flooring. You could even paint existing woodwork such as window sills or doors.

To Create a Fun Space

create fun space

Children’s bedrooms are the ideal room for brightening up with colorful shutters. There are some great ideas out there that will help to create fun spaces that children will be happy to call their own. These include spots of color on a full-length shutter, or possibly painting halfway across one shutter in an alternating color scheme.

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To Make a Bold Statement…

As a general rule, the eye will be naturally drawn to the window in any given room because it is usually the room’s only source of natural light. This means that if you have a bold-colored shutter on your window, that color will stand out against any other white or neutral-colored material around it.

Of course, homeowners should always remember to check their local planning department for permission before undertaking any alterations such as painting shutters.

It’s not just a child’s bedroom that benefits from being bold though; remember, the eye is often naturally drawn to the window in any room because it is usually the room’s main source of natural light. So, even rooms with little external light can benefit from a brighter color.

For example, bright yellow shutters in the bedroom will create an appearance of sunshine and are guaranteed to make your room look brighter and more welcoming at the end of a long day. Likewise, a dark finish to your shutters will create a chic, minimalist look particularly in the kitchen where it could match perfectly with dark worktops.

…Or a More Subtle One

Of course, you do not have to stick to bold primary colors when choosing your shutters. In fact, you can choose a whole range of tones from white and cream through to pastels such as lilac and blue. These are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where they will complement the rest of the furniture in the room.

Stylish Made to Measure Shutters from The Hampton Shutters Company

stylish shutters

Many products can help you to achieve this style – search online for secret home tips or take inspiration from Pinterest boards for ideas on how to decorate your house. Remember that you might have two different types of window coverings in each room as well as decorative panels between rooms too so think about complementing one bold-colored product with another neutral product.

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The Perth Plantation Shutters

If you want Perth plantation shutters in your home, be sure to contact the Hampton Shutters Company today.

The Perth Plantation Shutters are one such product that will help you achieve this stunning look. Perth shutters are made using Australian hardwood with a timber grain finish on the exterior and an unvarnished interior. This allows them to be painted whenever necessary without damaging their natural beauty or quality.