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6 Common Myths About Blinds

Blinds have received a bad reputation over the years, largely thanks to outdated myths. While it’s true that blinds are not always the most stylish option for home decorating, they can still add a modern touch and keep your home cool.

You may adopt some of these myths yourself because you don’t know better. Below is a list of six common myths about blinds so if you have any (or even think you do), read on to learn the truth!

Blinds block out all light from entering the room or home

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Conversely, in reality, more natural light is let in by blinds than curtains or window coverings with solid panels. It’s just that unlike other products like shades and shutters, blinds block out everything but certain wavelengths of light, which means that through the slats, you’ll still see a lot of light in your home. In addition, the slating panels (the ones that cover the tracks) can actually be adjusted to let in more or less natural light if needed.

Blinds are just for covering windows.


You don’t need to just use blinds as window treatments – there are many ways to use them around your home! Blinds work well for covering glass doors and partition walls because they offer much better privacy than curtains or drapes. They also look good on sliding glass doors and patio enclosures; remember that your living space doesn’t have to revolve around windows alone!

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Blinds are just for the inside of a home or office

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Contrary to popular belief, blinds can also be used on windows in an outdoor area. They are perfect for giving shade and comfort while you relax outside during the day. It’s best to position your blinds facing north where they will get sufficient light without direct sunlight during the afternoon. Hampton Plantation Shutters Perth are prime spots for these kinds of blinds because it is less likely that someone walking by will see inside your living space.

You need special tools to install your own blinds Really?

The only tool you need is a screwdriver! If you’re working with small slats, then all you really need is an awl or pushpin to pierce a hole for the screw. The same goes for large blinds – they usually have holes pre-drilled in the slats so all you need to do is use screws that are long enough. This makes installation a breeze!

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Blinds make your home look outdated and old

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Blinds can actually give rooms an updated feel, as long as you know what style of blind you want to choose. Try installing horizontal blinds if you’re looking for something modern or consider wood or faux wood Venetian blinds if you want a warm touch to your home’s decor. It may not be possible to completely change the look of your room by simply replacing window treatments, but changing out old blinds for new ones can give your home or office a whole new appeal.

Blinds are more expensive and difficult to replace than curtains

Contrary to popular belief, blinds are actually cheaper and easier to replace than curtains! Curtains require dry cleaning while blinds just need to be wiped clean with a cloth. If they get damaged, it’s much easier to buy replacement slats or tracks than the entire curtains set. They’re also easy to remove during seasonal changes so there’s no need to worry about having them on your windows year-round!

Blinds are undoubtedly the best option for blocking out light without closing off airflow in a room because they put you in control of how much natural light you want to let in. They are also perfect for covering glass doors, partitioning walls and patios because it gives you more privacy than window treatments with solid panels. 


If you find yourself doubting the product’s benefits or whether it would be a good idea to install blinds in your home or office, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional who can explain why blinds are so great! Click here to learn how Hampton Plantation Shutters Perth can help bring your vision of the ideal furnishings to life!

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